“The devastation and the damage around here is unbelievable”

I live in Saginaw. I am three blocks from the Tittabawassee River what happened this week with the Floods with the Dam’s breaking and then heading down through Midland and then into Saginaw have been horrific the devastation and the damage around here is unbelievable.

We were very lucky that like I said, we were three blocks from the river and it did not flow our way. So we were incredibly lucky. I have friends in Sanford that we’re lucky did not have house damage, they were right on the lake.

 But unfortunately, she said she watched a lot of her neighbors houses float away and that was hard. I have many co-workers here that are in the area that have had to evacuate move their families, but everybody’s safe. One of the good things is there was no deaths and no injuries from these floods but a lot of damage a lot.

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