“Pretty much every day my wife and I will point out, ‘hey, that wasn’t here yesterday’.”

Changes in the neighborhood, yes big time. We notice obviously all of the signage that has to do with the protests and black lives matter and George Floyd and everybody else affected by the recent upheaval. Huge support in Ann Arbor for this, which is not surprising given the education level, given the liberal leanings of the city.

We noticed this popping up on our neighbors houses and we can tell where they were not yesterday that they are now.

And pretty much every day my wife and I will walk along our roads here and point out, “Hey, this is, you know, this wasn’t here yesterday.”

These flowers have bloomed. There’s a bear, a huge Costco stuffed bear that one household in our neighborhood puts out, dresses up and various costumes and masks and puts out in a chair in different poses. And we’ve so far seen at least half a dozen positions for the doll.

So yeah, I think we’ve actually become a lot more mindful and a lot more observant just because it’s now turned into a routine, and I think it’s just something really cool. If there are ever silver lining to these things this is certainly one of them, that we’re becoming more familiar with the neighborhood and that we are noticing these little changes.

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