“The queer community talking about Martha P. Johnson, and the plight of trans people of color”

As somebody who identifies as nonbinary and asexual — and my fiancé does as well — We both normally celebrate Pride, whether that means like going to some of the events that are usually like usually happening because of it. Going to a friend’s drag show or something like that, or even attending whatever pride festival that we’re able to. We haven’t been able to do that this year, but something that has been really really heartwarming to see is the queer community online being supportive of each other not being able to do things and also talking about how important it is to follow social distance guidelines and things like that.

One thing that I can think of less related to Pride, but still about the queer community, is with all of the racial Injustice in the protests going on lately with the most vocal and at least internet active groups that I’ve seen out there, is the queer community talking about Marsha P. Johnson, the plight of trans people of color, the plight of trans people in general in 2020 and just  bringing up all these valid points of intersectionality and the ways that the culture of people of color and queer culture intersect and have always intersected since like 90’s gay drag ball culture to Marsha P. Johnson’s activism back in the seventies with the Stonewall riots.

So that’s just been really nice to see.

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