“I want to give our local toy store the business as opposed to ordering one online.”

So it’s beautiful day. I had — decided to walk downtown in our little Zeeland, and buy myself a new puzzle because I spend a lot of time doing puzzles. And I want to give our local toy store the business as opposed to ordering one online.

So anyway, I walked downtown, and when I got to the toy store, I looked in the window and I saw kids inside kind of running around the toy store looking at the toys with no masks. They were maybe ten, eleven years old and it made me a little uncomfortable.

But dug my mask out of my purse put it on and I went, open the door. And there’s no sign on the door saying “wear a mask, social distance”. This is a tight store. So I was uncomfortable and I thought: “okay I’m going to give him another chance I’ll open the door and if there if the employees are wearing masks I know exactly what puzzle I want I want to give them the business I’ll do it.”

So open the door, the employee’s behind the counter. He looked happy to see a customer. “Hello!” No mask. I turned right around and walked out. 

So I got home, I told my husband about it and he said, “Call them. Let him know why you were uncomfortable to shop in his store.” So I did, I just called him and this is not something I do. But I voted with my feet and I let him know why he wasn’t going to get my business. And I believe in giving business to the local people but I’m going to go by my puzzle online now where it’s safe.

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