“I feel like people are going to go there and not know they’re sick.”

All right, if you’re going back to school this fall, How do you feel about it?

Not safe I don’t – I don’t — I feel like people are going to be sick and go there not know that they’re sick. And the mask, sometimes I can’t really hear what the masks but I can’t I can’t really hear through the mask that well.

So do you think that you would rather stay home and learn online?

Learn online! Learn online! Learn online!

You don’t think that you would miss your friends and your new teacher?

Yeah. Yeah.

So what kind of things they do you think that you could do to be safe if you had to go back to school in the fall?

Social distance.

Social distance. Do you think that might be hard at school? 

Yeah, yeah.

Can you think of anything that they could do at school to help you be more safe?

Put the desk apart, It’s only half the group at recess. Just a little group at a time.

Do you think everybody should be wearing masks?

Yes, but sometimes I can’t hear them.

That’s going to be tricky.

Yeah, really tricky.

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