“We had things like Google Classroom, but I don’t feel like the tools were used successfully.”

I, am I’m a senior this year.

Yeah, it’s definitely been weird with the whole COVID thing as far as school goes, because finishing up my eleventh grade year I was actually online for the last tri of it basically. I barely started my third trimester at the school, um you know, and it was so it was so interesting being online because I feel like as a community everybody really tried to support the elementary Schools and all of that and that’s all great and fine, but when it came to the high school, that’s where we really failed. And in the middle schools. Because you have elementary teachers who can easily go out to a second grader or a first grader’s house and sit in the driveway and do math with them. But a High School teacher, I mean we’re so used to sitting in a classroom and having hour-long discussions that — they — no teacher did that we had things like Google classroom, but I don’t feel like the tools we had were used successfully.

Honestly, I wish that we had a little more knowledge about how to deal with the situation.

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