“So like I’m very confident I don’t have COVID. So that actually made me less nervous…”

My biggest concern for the last couple of weeks was that about a — just a little over a week ago. Just one day, I was sort of feeling a little bit weird, a little light headed, a little nauseous and then that night I started feeling a little cold. So I took — and it was weird cause there’s like 94° so I was like, you know what maybe I’ll just take my temperature and then I had a low temperature like maybe a 100 degrees and then it steadily got worse and worse until I had about a 103° temperature. My whole body ached, I was freezing cold, and I had a couple of other symptoms none of them respiratory all of them gastrointestinal. So, I was like, I’m just going to wait it out and call my primary care physician in the morning and that’s what I did.

So they told me to go to the emergency room. I went to the emergency room. I got a COVID swab just everybody knows what everybody told me was: It’s not painful. It’s just really weird and uncomfortable, which I agree with although not painful is the worst endorsement for a test I could ever think of. Basically, you just gag the whole time, if you’re me.

I didn’t have COVID that was negative, got a couple of blood test. I went home. They were like, yeah, I probably have like a really weird — a really bad stomach flu.

We just do clear liquids for a couple of days and then call on Thursday. So, then the next day in the morning I got a call from my primary care physician saying call back as soon as you get this. So I called and they’d gotten results back from blood culture that was taken while I was in the emergency room, but It takes a day to have preliminary results then several days to have conclusive results. But basically it started growing something which is not supposed to happen in your blood.

So because of my history with infectious disease stuff they wanted me to stay in the hospital on IV antibiotics until symptoms went away and the — and subsequent blood test came back negative.

So I came back to the hospital. I was there for four or five days and it’s kind of weird because you can’t have visitors. Except fortunately from 3 to 7 you can have one visitor. So my mom can visited me a couple days. Yeah, the second day I came in I had to get a second Covid test, a swab again. So like that wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, but I am now negative and then negative again. 

So like I’m very confident I don’t have COVID. So that actually made me less nervous and then the fact that I know that the medical staff are tested semi-regularly for COVID-19 and they’re being careful. And because I mostly felt fine by the time I was in the hospital like my fever and other stuff was better. So I didn’t need any like intensive one on one care, so it was mostly just the nurse coming in to hang the IV bag and check on me once every hour. So nobody’s in my face breathing on me. So yeah, I definitely thought I would be more freaked out about COVID-19 in the hospital but it was pretty chill.

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