“Now that we’re restarting school my week has been quite crazy…”

Now that we’re restarting school, my week has been quite crazy because I am preparing to go back to University in person with a lot of restrictions and regulations and changes. So I’m trying to figure out how pedagogically to manage that. Greeting a new group of students with a lot of unusual things in place, doing a lot with keeping students live streaming into the classroom, making sure we have a really active online presence, which makes a lot of sense considering we might, we just don’t know what’s going to happen. And in the meantime, I’m also managing getting my kids, my own kids, ready for the next school year, which is entailing at this point three weeks of virtual learning. So their teachers are kind of, of course scrambling to try and get their classrooms ready online and then disseminate that information to us, which is a lot to go through.

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