“I had my wisdom teeth out when I was sixteen, all four of them…”

Have you gotten your wisdom teeth taken out do you or your family and funny memories of it? Yeah. I — I had my wisdom teeth out. It’s funny cause I was just talking to a woman on Facebook about this. I had my wisdom teeth out when I was sixteen all four of them, you know was one of those spur-of-the-moment things that suddenly one day my face hurt, went to the dentist, had the wisdom teeth out the next week.

I remember that a couple days after I was doing better and I was in the band, the marching band and we were out on the field getting ready to go on to the field to perform during a football game. I remember being under the end zone waiting to go on the field and I sneezed and I popped those sockets. Oh my goodness, the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in all my life. It was awful. It was worse than the initial coming out of the surgery. So that was rough.

You know when my ex-husband, when he had his wisdom teeth out you we were living in California, he was probably in his thirties. He went into this big conspiracy freak out when we got out of the facility and I had to take him home. He was like hiding in the van and he’s like, “I don’t like this, I’m out of control. I’m out of control. I feel out of control. I don’t like this. I’m sure this is –” this is like right around the time Michael Jackson died and he’s like, “this is what they gave Michael Jackson to kill him. This is why Michael Jackson died. I know this is what they did” and he’s like “I have to hide they’re looking for me” and he was like hiding in the van. It was really weird and it was funny and I’m supposed to stop and get him his prescription and some Jell-O and stuff and I’m like, I don’t want to leave him in the van alone because I was afraid to take off hiding. He was weird.

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