“I am going to miss the trails when winter comes.”

In a bit of a unique position, got up to Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area again today. Do a nice hike. I made it to a scenic outlook, which it’s pretty nice. Nice place to chill, I haven’t seen another person. I saw a good five, six individuals and groups, when I was entering the trail, but as you get deeper in you don’t see anybody. I haven’t seen anyone for at least half an hour I think and yeah, I’ve been sitting at the scenic outlook for like 10-20 minutes, haven’t seen a soul swing by. So yeah, I’m not really sure why I chose to start recording. I guess it’s been in my head a lot obviously with walking on trails it’s one of the things I like, cause the ability to think different thoughts. Oh how, speak of the devil I can hear someone talking. I think it’s gonna be horses, I walked on the equestrian trail, which I don’t know if you’re not supposed to do but. I am going to miss the trails when winter comes, it occurred to me I can still walk on them and the winter when it’s snowing or just cold.

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