“She didnt know that snow was cold. She touched the snow and she goes, “it’s cold.”

If you had a friend moving to Michigan from a warm place, how would you prepare them for a Michigan winter? Oh, man. When I was in high school we had an exchange student from Brazil. She was about half a year or a year older than me. She had never seen snow before. So we bought her a nice winter jacket. You know, they seem expensive at first, you know, two or three hundred bucks if you buy them new. That’s an investment, that’s – that’s keeping you warm. And of course gloves and hat, scarf, boots, the boots is another potentially pricey item, you know, it’s up to your discretion how much you want to invest in that. But my, what did my exchange sister, I’m trying to remember what we called her. She called me and my sister host brother, host sister. We’re the host family. I can’t remember what we called her. Mostly just called her Carla. Exchange sister I guess is a good name. But yeah, she’d never seen or touched snow before she was really amused that when you breathe you can see the steam come out. She was very amused by that and I’m very amused by that. She didn’t know that snow was cold. She touched the snow and she goes, “it’s cold” and me and my sister just laugh. And you know, how would you know, there’s probably tons of stuff about Brazil that I’m clueless about. That’s kind of the idea, you know.

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