“So as a child every year when my folks went to vote they would bring me a sample ballot home.”

The first election I voted in, interesting story, let me tell you about my parents. When I was a young child. I lived out in the township, out in one of the townships and we voted actually went into a voting booth and would fill out a paper ballot and mark our ex on the ballot. And what my parents would do is bring me a sample ballot to — to do my quote-unquote vote. So I was six years old in 1960 when President Kennedy was elected and my first ballot quote-unquote ballot was for President Kennedy. So as a child every year when my folks went to go vote they would bring me a sample ballot home. So I think, first of all that that was kind of cool and I just marvel at the – the — the brilliance of my parents to get me involved in voting and to have me experience voting, and to get me really want to vote. I really wanted to vote, the Constitution allowed — it was changed to allow eighteen-year-olds to vote. I was eighteen in 1972 and I cast my vote, my first ballot, my first vote for president. I cast for George McGovern, Senator McGovern. And that was, I don’t know a fool’s errand I guess but he — he spoke to me I guess, you know through the media and stuff and I was interested in what he wanted to accomplish. After Bobby Kennedy died man, it was tough to get behind a candidate again and put all your hopes and dreams there. But, the first time I ever voted was just cool. I went out again out to the township hall and picked up my official ballot, finally after all these years, and walked into the actual voting booth. They have wooden voting booths that are still use out there. And put my paper down and put my ballot down rather, and marked my ex on the people I wanted to vote for and folded It up, however we were supposed to fold it and brought it out. And it was just the coolest thing that I ever could imagine to actually have an actual real ballot and so my — my parents are pretty smart. They got me to want to vote twelve years before I was able to and they had me practice voting for twelve years before I was able to. So I — I marvel at the brilliance of my parents and how smart they were.

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