“I have lots of memories of recess as a kid.”

Do I have any memories of recess as a kid. I have lots of memories of recess as a kid. Being out on the playground, on the monkey bars with my friends and watching all these kids that could do these flips. I was so jealous of them. It was, I remember one girl in third grade, Stacy, came off the bars to do a flip and hit another bar and busted her head wide open, blood went everywhere it was so gross. It was so weird. We’re all like freaking out. But yeah, it was, I have, I don’t think I ever got hurt, but like I said my friend got hurt, a lot of indoor recesses. You know, when I worked at the schools we tried to have what was called rainy day cart, so we had, every classroom had like $150 so the teachers could go buy rainy day stuff to have on a cart that’s specific to their room. California you don’t get a lot of rainy days, but you do get some. So, but I have a lot of memories of you know, as a kid playing dodgeball in the gym, Red Rover, Red Rover that one but now you can’t play either one of those games because they’re too hazardous to kids, you know.

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