“I just don’t feel like writing a letter to Santa.”

Are you going to write a letter to Santa this year?


No, why not?

No, I just don’t feel like writing a letter to Santa.

So are you planning on not getting any presents then.


You don’t want any presents then.

Yes, just kidding mom. I do want presents!

Oh what would you ask Santa for?


Santa’s not going to be bringing “stuff” If you just say stuff he’s going to bring you like random odds and ends like —

Like stuffing for Thanksgiving!

So there’s nothing that you want this year.

Yes I do, I want a Nintendo switch with games on it.

Oh I see. Do you think that Santa is going to bring you a Nintendo switch?


How do you know?

Because he’s Santa he doesn’t need any money he can make it in like ten minutes.


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