“So we’ve got some really awesome makeshift ornaments…”

This featured diary story is from one of our student team members, Lindsay Moore.

And so we — I go home and I get this Christmas tree and bring it to my house and we set it up and then we get into a decorating spirit. And my roommates and I just start grabbing everything in the house that could possibly go on the tree, whether it’s got a string attached or there’s a hole that you can fit a branch through or maybe it’s light enough it can just set on the tree or cause it’s a fake tree, it’s wiry we bent the branches around to hold things. So we’ve got some really awesome makeshift ornaments like we put some of our kitchen utensils, like a pie cutter or we have some sewing scissors. And yeah, we have random pamphlets we’ve gotten in the mail. Just anything we could find is on the tree.

And so yeah, I actually really love the tree. I think I’m gonna decorate my tree like this every year because the tree is, it’s still really beautiful and it’s still at first glance when you walk you just see this beautiful Christmas tree. There’s — there’s enough Christmas like ornaments like we have like a Snowman or Santa Claus on it, but we also have like a pie cutter and so it’s at first glance when people see it, they always go. “Oh you have such a beautiful Christmas tree,” and then you hear people go “Oh wait, hold on a second,” Like “is that what I think it is.” And so it adds to the excitement. Like now I want people to see or tree and enjoy what I’m looking — what I made with my roommates.

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