“…we celebrated by way of zoom this year and our gifts to each other were mostly by package.”

We had been celebrating Christmases in Michigan until our older daughter and her husband and their children moved to Texas in 2016, for a work opportunity for her there. Since then we had spent four Christmases together in Texas. With my husband and myself flying into Texas from Michigan and our younger daughter also flying in from the state of Washington. Because travel is unwise in this year of 2020, we celebrated by way of Zoom this year and our gifts to each other were mostly by package delivery.

Our Christmas dinner was held separately in our three different households. Only our younger daughter is a vegetarian but all three of our families households included a Special K roast on our menus this year because all of us adults like the taste of that vegetarian dish. My husband can give a list of reasons why it is better for us to have Special K roast than it is for him to roast a turkey.

The seven of us in our family meant by zoom on December 23rd, to have an Advent wreath devotional and to play Trivial Pursuit. And we showed off our Christmas trees to each other. That is two artificial trees and one live Norfolk Island pine with tiny ornaments. On Christmas morning we opened our gifts together on Zoom. Then the day after Christmas my daughters and I had a 5 and 1/2 hours long anagrams game by way of Zoom, using a cell phone taped to a tripod arm and suspended over the game board. Anagrams was a favorite game for my family of origin and this year I used the original letter blocks from the game I played as a child.

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