“It feels really good to help somebody in your community, y’know.”

So, anyways, on a lighter note, one of the girls in my cohort for grad school, she sent a message yesterday morning to everybody in the chat, like our little group chat, and she had mentioned that she was having issues getting on Zoom because of — she’s basically doing all of her online school from an iPad. She had no laptop she was borrowing a friend’s laptop, or her brother’s laptop, if she had to take an exam, and other than that, she just didn’t have one. Given that things are all online right now I was like “that is brutal.” So I sent her a text message. I got a new laptop for Christmas, I was so lucky to get that. So, I had just purchased one that was capable of doing all the things that my older, like, couple years old Chromebook, what I was using before, like was capable, cause I couldn’t use like the lockdown browser and stuff like that. Anyways so I, y’know, sent her a message and I said “listen, I have this laptop laying around. It’s relatively new. It was like a refurbished Acer whatever. It’s got this little touch screen. It’s nothing super fancy, but I’m willing to — y’know, I can give it to you for super cheap.” And, y’know, I wasn’t going to get much from Best Buy or anything for it, obviously. It’s not anything super nice. So I told her like, “yeah, like fifty bucks maximum. You get it, it’s all yours.” And she told me that she actually didn’t even have money to buy that at the moment, but she said that she would love to eventually, she just has to get her funds together. After buying textbooks and stuff she said she just didn’t have any free funds and I — at that point, I was like, y’know what? Like this girl, I’m gonna be working with her for the next two years. She’s gonna be my peer, you know for the foreseeable future so I don’t want to — I dunno. I just wanted to help her, so I told her I would just drop it off for her and she could just have it, and she offered to make me some stickers and she apparently has a candle for me and some other goodies, so, really sweet of her to do that. Um, she really didn’t have to, I was just trying to help out, y’know. It’s like this thing had been sitting in my room for a couple of months now, and obviously I wasn’t ever gonna get around to selling it. Um. And I didn’t — I didn’t really — I don’t like to keep things that aren’t useful, so it felt awesome to be able to not only give it away to somebody who really needed it, but to somebody that’s a peer of mine. It really feels good to help somebody in your community, y’know.

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