“…So I’ll bring a flower, hopefully that’ll brighten somebody’s day.”

Another thing I do in the community and I don’t tell a lot of people about this, but as long as you’re asking. At my church, which we’ve been closed since last spring, we’ve been doing all our church services virtually. But I had been bringing flowers to the church in memory of my mom on her birthday, in memory of my dad on his birthday, and in memory of both of them on their anniversary. And when the church service was over, what I would do with the flowers is I would take them, because they’ll just die and somebody else has to get flowers. I would take the plant or the flower, whatever it was, I’d take it to a local nursing home and I would tell them to give them to somebody who probably should get flowers but never does. Y’know there’s always somebody in a nursing home who’s forgotten or there’s no one in their family or no one that knows or no one that cares, sadly. And that’s a sad thing. But I do that too, so I’ll bring a flower, hopefully that’ll brighten somebody’s day.

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