“Nowadays, it smells more like my mom’s cooking. It always smells very spicy lots of chili…”

Oh the way my childhood home smelled. My parents are hippies, my mom wears a lot of patchouli, like body butters and stuff like that. So I always imagine a lot of patchouli, a lot of like nag champa that incense. That’s my favorite and my dad’s favorite. So a lot of times our place smelled like that. Nowadays, it smells more like my mom’s cooking. It always smells very spicy lots of chili, lots of cumin, lots of … all that kind of stuff, always smells like onion or garlic or something like that, toast, everyone’s always eating toast or tea. So I associate a lot of it with the food smells. And I definitely took a lot of that with me in my apartment now, I still burn incense all the time, but I do have my own particular — I’m very picky about scents, I like scents that I like. So there’s this one perfume from Lush that I use religiously. I like when things seem like that — it’s kind of like a bergamot, some lemon grass, patchouli. It’s lovely. Highly recommend. And then there’s a aveda spray perfume that’s supposed to be like a grounding and it has like vetiver — how do you spell that? or say that? Vetiver? I don’t know. And like a lot of like super heavy musky scent. It’s not feminine at all. But I love to spray it on my bed sheets, whenever I get to refresh my sheets, like wash them, put them on. I like to put some of that on there, it’s very nice. I also use it on my yoga mat. Yeah, that one’s also very much so grown on me. A lot of people I don’t think would like it, which is fair. It’s a very strong scent.

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