“You know in a way everyone you meet changes your life.”

Have I ever met someone that changed my life? You know, that’s a tough one. You know in a way everyone you meet changes your life, you know, it’s like you have these little connections that can really influence you, I guess, I don’t know. It’s like that one smile, like you’re walking you’re feeling upset and you see some random person just say “hello, how are you doing today?” And you say “good” because you’re not going to tell a stranger that you’re not good. And they say “oh that’s good to hear because you’re a human being and you deserve happiness.” Which I don’t think many people are going to say that because we’re people, but if that happens you don’t technically like you haven’t actually met the person but that’s gonna stay with you. The next time you’re upset you’re going to say no this random person didn’t know a thing about me and they said I’m important, so heck yeah I’m important, yay. I don’t know maybe I got a little too philosophical for my own good.

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