“I assume it’s been similarly weird for other people for other occasions…”

It’s Passover Michigan Diaries. I just want to tell you about a little bit. You know, we do the holidays typically just make the food. So like for Passover this year on Friday my dad made matzo ball soup, we had matzo and haroset which is a food I don’t eat except on Passover, sort of a traditional food. And I don’t have a food to compare haroset to like the diced apples is the main ingredient, a lot of people add nuts like almonds or — I’m not actually sure. And then there’s usually like some cinnamon in there and maybe some other spices. I think there’s usually wine in it or grape juice. It’s pretty good. So that’s just a food that we eat on Passover.

My sister did the zoom Seder as well. And so Seder is the ceremony that you do on Passover. It’s usually a big festive meal, depending on how you choose to partake it could last several hours. You drink four glasses of wine during the Seder traditionally. Sister did the zoom Seder with a friend and friends family. That was really good to hear, and yeah my teammate apparently did his Zoom Seder. And I mean I assume it’s been similarly weird for other people for other occasions, whether it’s birthdays holidays just getting together for whatever. You know, normally you cook the common meal when everyone sits around the table and eats and the convention that a lot of people have adopted is that everyone just makes the food themselves and joins the zoom call, or someone orders and delivers to everybody. Just trying to make it work.

So yeah that was just a moment of connection I guess, feeling connected to my family and the tradition, feelings of nostalgia. I don’t eat those foods all the time. Horseradish is another big one. I actually eat horseradish pretty often, but that’s another traditional food for Passover. And I’ll leave you with, so the traditional way that the Seder ends is you say next year in Jerusalem. And my sister posted something on Instagram It said, “next year in person” and that hit pretty hard. So, who knows Michigan Diaries maybe we’ll be next year in person.

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