“The easiest way to make friends and connections is to kind of throw yourself into things…”

Anything I regret not doing?Not necessarily in college, but in high school, I sort of do wish I’d been more involved. I really — didn’t — I didn’t do anything, and it was just because I was stubborn and still kind of felt like an outcast from being the kid that moved every year. And so I just kind of got into this habit of thinking like, well, won’t matter in a few years. So I’m just gonna, you know, not just do what I want to do, rather than join some club and be on somebody else’s time. But I do, I have joined a lot of stuff in college now, as an adult in college. So now I’m like the representative for my cohort for the American OT Association, which isn’t really that big of a responsibility but, I’m in a research project, and all this other stuff, basically, I’m doing a lot of stuff and it’s kind of rewarding, and I feel like I’ve become the popular person that I never was in grade school. And now that I’m in my grad school. Yeah, you know, we did like the superlatives kind of thing, like the yearbook Awards. Somebody made like a document, and we all nominated each other for certain ones. And I mean, I was nominated for half of them, and I was like kind of amazed. People put me as Most Organized, which they just don’t know, whoever nominated me for that, which doesn’t know me. I think. I am not organized at all. But what else do we have? I mean, I was — somebody said Silent Hero, or your driftwood, which is a reference to something we did in one of our courses, but basically it’s nominating somebody as your person that you go to whenever you just need some support from a friend and that was pretty, a pretty big honor. I also got nominated for Most Extra, and then Best Dress I also got nominated for, which I mean those are all huge honors to me. I’m pretty excited about all those. I thought they were pretty cool. So yeah. I would say there’s a lot of like fear that goes along with being a younger kid. At least it was for me and like going into grade school, or high school, or college, or anywhere where it’s almost like you’ve been taught that not caring about things is cool, and that’s what’s going to make people like you, is not caring about things, but truthfully, it just means that people don’t have any way to connect with you. The easiest way to make friends and make connections is really to kind of throw yourself into things because you’ll find other people that are doing the same thing.

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