“Its a really neat audiobook.”

It’s a really neat audiobook. Y’know, they’re on this long journey across the state of Texas on horseback in 1870 and I kinda felt like I was on a long journey and that I had this little girl next to me that I was trying to deliver to someplace safe, but I would highly recommend that book. News of the World is, y’know, he makes his living by going to these small towns in northern Texas and he reads stories from the London Times and papers from all around the world. Not so much the local news, but papers from the East and West coasts and Canada and London and other parts of Europe and just shares — y’know brings a peek into what’s happening around the world because there’s no clue when you’re in Northern Texas in 1870, what’s happening in the rest of the world and I just thought it’s an interesting take on how we’ve — how the world has changed. How we have instantaneous news and a global connection. People would pay a dime to listen to him read the news for an hour, hour and a half, in a local little theater in some of these small towns in Texas. Interesting way to make a living.

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