“Have you ever learned a new language?”

Have you ever learned a new language?

Yeah, I learned a bit with my old teacher.

What did you learn?


All right I know — I think I remember which Chinese words, you know, which Chinese words do know?

Nihao, Zaijian, Mingtianjian, and I also know a song: Happy Birthday.

Are you gonna sing it?

So I know Nihao, Zaijian, Mingtianjian and Duji. And can I tell you something? Duji means belly button, and you’ve never known but — and — so let me say all those words again, but now translate them. Nihao, which means hello. Zaijian, which means bye. Mingtianjian, which means goodbye and Duji, which means belly button. And I’m just gonna sing Happy Birthday just so you know what – cuz in Chinese, the Chinese people sing Happy Birthday in two different ways. And happy birthday is again: Zhu ni shengri kuaile, zhu ni shengri kuaile, zhu ni shengri kuaile, zhu ni shengri kuaile. And it’s quite simple because all you have to do is follow to the tune and then you’ll get it– do it right. And you just keep repeating “zhu ni shengri kuaile”.

Did you sing that every time someone in the class had a birthday?

Yup, and we also sing it in sign language and English.

Wow. Okay, if you could learn any other language, what would you learn?

Maybe French cause then I could be hello mon ami, je m’appelle Lafayette.

Like in Hamilton?


Any other languages?

Maybe hmm. German.

Now I know you know, a bit of German. What do you know.

I know… I know good night and no. And wait what do I also know?

You know how to be rude to people.

Oh yes, I can call people pig heads.

And how do you say that?

Well, then I’d be insulting them Mum. Whoever’s listening to us.

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