“Have you ever pretended to spy? Or have you ever spied as a kid?”

Have you ever pretended to spy? Or have you ever spied as a kid? And this is the thing, this is the thing. So me and my brother, we would be upstairs in our rooms, and my parents will be downstairs doing something. We’d be going to bed, and we go on spy missions. That was our thing. They were called spy missions. We had multiple weird games that we play when we were younger, but that was one of the many. And so, the spy missions, we would — it usually start with him annoying me and me trying to go to bed, but he would come my room, be like, come on, let’s go on a spy mission. And I’m like, why? He’s like, I can’t go to bed. And I was like, okay, that’s fine. So we’d go on a spy mission. My brother, I think he’s three years older than me. So he — I don’t know why he did this. He’s a very strange person. But we’d go on spy missions and be like go down the steps very quietly and he always walk first — I mean, I always walk first because if I stepped on a creak and I got in trouble, then he wouldn’t, cuz he’d run upstairs. But I just remember so many times racing upstairs to make sure that we didn’t get caught. Even if we did get caught, we wouldn’t have got in trouble. It would have just been like, oh, we’re out of bed.

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