“If sight was the only sense you had, how do you think your life would be different?”

If sight was the only sense you had, how do you think your life would be different? All that’s a tough question. Well, I definitely have a lot of memories tied to music and to smells. There are certain songs that — there are certain songs that evoke distinct, specific memories that I think that no matter how old I get, will always be tied to those memories. And smells too. There is — I have a jewelry box from my Nana who passed away in 2013. And, I have things in there in stock, it’s just the jewelry box. There’s no jewelry in it. It’s just, I have it — it’s like a little storage thing, but I rarely open the doors, because even now it’s been eight years, over eight years. And if you open the door just a crack, you can still smell her perfume, and it’s a smell that I haven’t smelled in — maybe nine years. She was sick for about seven months before she died and she was in a hospice for four of those. And so she didn’t go out and she wasn’t wearing makeup, she wasn’t wearing jewelry and of course she wasn’t wearing perfume, but it’s something that I will — the entire house smelled like it, her bathroom, her dresser, it all smelled like that. So I — I rarely open that door and when I do, it just floods out, so it’s very, very specific and I think, I think that — not — if I were to lose my other senses and only have sight today, then I think those things I would miss a lot because I would just have the memory of that. And, and it’s really hard to describe a sense memory like that. And so it’s — I think life would be dull without the rest of your senses.

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