“Its going to be a clear bath, no bubbles or anything”

What do you want to talk about?

What I’m going to do in my next bath. So, it’s going to be a clear bath. No bubbles or anything. And that’s because I want to be able to see where my sharpedos, my fish and Titanic are.

Can you explain what a sharkpedo is?

It’s these like shark toys, but there was like these things on like each side like a triangle and it- you can like throw them. And my tank Titanic is actually a submarine.

Why do you call it Titanic?

Because I- one day it sunk cuz that’s bad. So yeah- I tried to be- make it be the Titanic, getting hit by the ice-berg, but I haven’t done that yet. Actually, I’m going to do that in my next bath, but the submarine is also really good for cleaning my hair, but the problem is, it’s a bit overkill.

Yeah, it really pours out.

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