“My friend group would just be changing constantly”

Yeah, good to see those folks in the Zoom call. There were six folks there. I find it kind of funny that like, as I recall like through High School, my friend group would just be changing constantly, you know, every semester you would switch classes and that would sort of switch your friend group. Or it would, you know, it would mutate your friend group. But like the friend group that I had senior year, that is still like the people from high school that I hang out with or reach out to, you know. It’s like on this call, there were six people. One person’s in the UK now. One person’s in New York. I’m in Livonia. Two people are still in Ann Arbor and one person’s in Detroit. And the other pattern that I noticed is like, I don’t know, over the past few months, I’ve been kind of thinking. Just feeling like behind in life in a weird way. This is getting heavy, Michigan Diaries. I didn’t realize this was going to happen, but like I live in a little apartment like I don’t know. I just have this feeling like I should own a house or something. And like have a wife and have kids. Like, I hung out with my friend this past week. He was my roommate in college. He’s like the same as me, he’s single, working professional, doesn’t have kids. And like same thing with virtually all the people on this Zoom call. Like that was, it’s just interesting cuz that’s, how would you call them? I don’t know, it was just my crew in high school and like two of them finished PhDs. They are not married. Don’t have kids. The other people who are working are not married, but they are in long-term relationships. Also don’t have kids. So it’s just funny, like, I guess maybe, I don’t know, maybe I’m comparing myself to my step-sisters, and they had kids and got married, you know, in their twenties. But yeah like my my social group that I was forged from, they’re all very similar to me now. So that’s, I just find that kind of funny. Like fast forward, twelve years or dude, more than twelve years. I graduated high school ’07. Oh my God, fourteen years. Coming up fifteen years. I started getting gray hair in my twenties so it’s not the gray hair. But yeah, I got, I got the receding hairline. Yeah life, life moves on. Time marches on.

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