“…I built a snowman at the ski hill and I did it with my friend…”

Anyway, my story is one day I built a snowman at the ski hill and I did it with my friend, and we just — there wasn’t a ton of snow, but we built it in this area by the ski hill, so that people look to the right when they’re coming up the tow road. They can see. It’s on like a detour thing on one of the hills. It’s like a flat area but, and it’s just in the woods, so you can just see it if you look to the right when you’re going up the main tow road. Anyways, we built it out of candy wrappers, litter that we found, different sticks, and I don’t know acorns or whatever, and we built a family. Jimmy John, Martha, not Martha, sorry, Eliza and Martin, and they were a family of three, a very happy family. Okay, so I go home and apparently my Dad — The person I built it with, she was like crying to her dad and she was like “Someone knocked over Martin! Someone knocked over Martin!” and probably Eliza too and maybe Jimmy John. So it was kind of funny but — well it wasn’t funny, but it’s funny to me now.

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