“It reminded me of when I was small and my mother would read to me.”

So I’m really excited to do this project. It’s dovetailing exactly with a project that I’m already doing for myself where I was trying to talk myself through my last romantic relationship. And also, I was doing this funny story, this funny series where I was reading stories to my boyfriend as bedtime stories. He used to work or he does still work, my ex-boyfriend does still work third shift and has problems sleeping during the day, so I started recording bedtime stories for him. I was reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales to him and then sending him the recordings. And it was really a wonderful project. It reminded me of when I was small and my mother would read to me and it was very soothing and he was very complimentary about it and I really enjoy doing it. I, it was something I looked forward to every day, so I began to get used to recording myself and speaking about my thoughts out loud, which is a new thing for me. I, I have been very silent in the last year and half for a variety of reasons. One, the relationship dynamic. Two, the pandemic. Three, not going to my job. So talking into my phone has been a welcome release. And I, I really look forward to participating in this project and also I’ve told all my friends about it. So you might have this very strange concentration of of women from Grand Rapids participating in the project.

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