“I think I love Lake Huron the best.”

We also visited a few Great Lakes on the trip. So we visited Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, and of the three I think I loved Lake Huron the best. We took a little day trip to Port Austin and the beaches were so beautiful. The sand was so warm, the water was clear, and we had a lot of fun. So, the first beach in Port Austin was a little rockier and the waters were a little more dangerous, but the second beach was picturesque. And I loved it. Lake Superior was definitely most, in my opinion, dangerous of the Great Lakes. The water was freezing cold and the waves just came at you, constantly. And there was a lot of — but it was –sorry–it was the cleanest Great Lake that we visited because there wasn’t many algae or plankton, it felt very clean and pure, but definitely very a force of nature. And then Lake Michigan was kind of a mix between the two, the waves weren’t too choppy, but it wasn’t the cleanest. But we need to protect our Great Lakes and that’s important.

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