“But it also taught me how to be adaptable.”

Yeah, going into that, I guess and then and then COVID hit. And that just changed everything. I lost like a year, sophomore year, just of like how to like properly be organized, manage school, how to like go with that. But it also taught me how to be adaptable, you know, adapt to everything like that, even though the curriculum for this thing was always just like vastly different. Thought it was gonna be so much harder than it was. And I just got out using the bare minimum. And of course, I was dealing with a mental strain of being in isolation. So, probably after about half a year, I probably just burnt out and did not care anymore. Plus there was a month in time, actually right around the one-year COVID anniversary woohoo! March was such a fun month, just a lot of just horrendous mental health issues happening in every aspect, you know. Friends, family. Just all of that just kinda happened. So, yeah. Actually funnily enough, got an email from my French teacher being like, “Hey, you disconnected in class. Are you ok?” And then I kinda spilled the beans to her and everything like that. Then I got an email from my counselor about two hours later. It was like, “I’m always here if you need to talk” and I’m like, “You know what, I’m doing ok. I’m keeping an open dialogue with my parents.” So yeah, we’re looking into whatever that is, I guess. But it definitely changed how I viewed school and just like, I wanted a break too the summer, you know. Truly take some time and like hang out with people, you know, just have a relaxing summer, you know, take a break. That didn’t happen because I had to take a government class due to scheduling issues, they could not work it into my schedule. So yeah, that was oh it was so, so much fun. So, I truly never did get a break. So yeah, that was definitely fun. Still not done with the class as of August 19, 2021.

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