“You guys should go try it, any Indian store they’ll have it.”

So yeah, does orange represent anything in my culture? So I’m an Indian-American. I have an Indian culture. Our flag. Our flag, had one of the stripes in our flag is orange. A lot of our foods, like, you know, our spices, our sweets, they’re orange, or like a shade of orange. I don’t why I didn’t think of that. We have a sweet called laddoo. That’s probably my favorite orange colored food. It’s a delicious sweet. You guys should go try it. Any Indian store, they’ll have it. Its laddoo, L A D D O O. Best Indian sweet. A lot of clothing in Indian culture is also orange. I know for weddings, we have a ritual where everyone wears yellow or like a shade of yellow or orange and it’s just part of the ritual.

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