“We got some good blueberries and I got some good skipping stones”

Well, there’s been a couple good blueberry picking times. When we were on Isle Royal, we went up to like one of the high peaks and we ended up getting up to like the high peak and there was like a watchtower type situation up there and we were picking these blueberries, and it’s like the higher altitude you go like, just the better — Well, one, not as many people walk up there so not as many people have picked them, and two, just I dunno if it’s like better sunlight or something or breeze, but like, they’re just bigger and juicier up there. And so we’re like picking them as fast as we can, and we’re watching this storm just like come over the lake, getting closer to us and we’re like, “oh s, s s***.” So we’re literally like picking as fast as we can trying to like fill our buckets and like um — So that was pretty fun. And it was just like, I don’t know. And that storm, it was the craziest thing. It’s like we’ve never seen this before or afterwards, but it — so it’s coming across Superior, and so we’re like scrambling and eventually, you know, we like start basically like speed walking back down cause it was a good half hour walk or so up to there. And so we’re like speed walking back down, and by the time we get to our little shelter, that’s right along the shore, we see the clouds and it’s just like a wall. And you know, it’s like thunder, lightning, all that jazz, and it like makes it like right to the shore and then all of a sudden, just out of nowhere, the wind just changes direction completely and the whole thing just like backs off, and then goes back the way it came. It was very bizarre, but we got some good blueberries and I got some good skipping stones.

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