“He wasn’t as happy in his life, as maybe he could have been”

This week, I visited some seniors and we talked for a while back and I really realized how hard seniors have been hit with this pandemic. Maybe they’ve even been hit the hardest, haven’t been able to visit family and their families haven’t been able to visit with them. They’ve also lost some friends and family at the senior home, which was definitely hard for them. And we talked and asked them for advice that I was going into high school. And first and foremost, they made me feel very grateful for my family, my friends, my health, my education, and they also made me feel very happy and grateful that I was happy and I didn’t have many regrets in my life. One of the things they said when I asked for advice, was to live in the moment and to appreciate what you have, right that second. One of the seniors said that he chased his life, trying to find perfection. And when you think he- when he thought he found it. He realized that he wasn’t anywhere close because every time he thought something was perfect, he or someone else would tell him something he could improve upon. And so he wasn’t as happy in his life, as maybe he could have been. Another senior told me to not have many regrets. not stress out a lot and just live pretty carefree and fun living, fun-loving. Because in reality life is too short and that we don’t have time to worry about little things and small details. We should start looking at the big picture. Some seniors, told me, you know, about always looking on the bright side. So they taught me a lot of things and made me feel very very grateful for what I had.

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