“I don’t hear it. I’ve never heard it.”

You know, I lived in California for a long time. And when I first moved out there and then when I first came back and then I went back out there, that people always say, I have an accent. I don’t hear it. I’ve never heard it. But like when I first moved there, and I went to the vet. I remember, I took the dog to the vet, and I was only, I hadn’t been there very long. And I remember the lady looked at me and kind of chuckling and she says, “you’re not from around here. Are ya?” And I said, “no”. “It’s just that you have an accent” and I’m like, “no, I don’t.” It’s – but my friends say that all the time. They all say that I have any accent and I don’t ever see. I don’t hear at all and I know my daughter, they always used to laugh at her. The kids are always be like, “say dollar, say dollar” and she say it and they just think it was so funny.

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