“It’s this sense of like determined preparation.”

Yeah, so I guess, like, purposeful road trips. And then the last few years we’ve been kind of making a point to do canoe tours down a river. And I think that’s probably my optimal way just because you really get to feel, like, the pace of fall. Whereas, when you’re driving like it is pretty, it is cool, but when you’re on the river, you can kind of appreciate the quietness of it. It’s weird, you know, like most of the bugs have died down. Yeah, and it’s just — it’s like, you know things are still active in the woods when you look into it, but it’s this sense of like determined preparation. You know, even — even on nice days. And really the only thing that you can hear are squirrels and chipmunks kind of scurrying around and the occasional nut falling onto the ground or into the water. Which, I feel like I’ve talked about this before so I apologize. But yeah, I just — I just love it out there. I love hearing the water and it’s speed at which it’s going across and through the woods. And yeah, even the birds are like quieter for the most part. You tend to really only hear, like, the occasional blue jay, the occasional crow.

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