“…then the person in front of us turned around and they were like, ‘Oh, are you fans of Marvel?”

So the concept of a stranger definitely changes over time and as you get older, and that is why I’ve had — I have had discussions with strangers. Again, staying safe, obviously. Nothing too crazy. But one of the more interesting ones I can remember is I remember waiting in line at Cedar Point, and it was a long line, and it was a hot day. People were tired. People just wanted to, you know, get on those rides. And me and my friends were discussing I think, like, a Marvel movie that we had watched that we really really liked, and then the person in front of us turned around and they were like, “Oh, are you fans of Marvel?” And we’re like, “Yeah, we’re huge fans.” And then suddenly there’s this whole conversation that just stemmed for that — from that. And we went into like the whole Cinematic Universe, kind of geeked out in a way, but Marvel is such a popular part of, like, society, I guess, that — that I don’t think that’s the right term. But Marvel is such a popular part of pop culture and it’s a reference that is loved by, or it’s — it’s, you know, a genre of movies loved by people of all ages. So it was interesting to see how three of us were just having a conversation on our own and suddenly these people in front of us turned around, and they start talking getting so excited about the upcoming movies, what happened in the past ones. We made sure that we’re not spoiling anything for each other, and it was just a really fun conversation. And who would have thought that someone we randomly met in a line for a roller coaster, we would have had something in common with them.

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