“I don’t like people who are nice-nasty.”

Something I’ve always said, I like people who – I can’t say I like them, but I prefer people who are just rude and mean, and are just really flat out about it, rather than people who try to hide behind it or hide behind the pretense of being nice or being honest or anything like that. Of course, I don’t like rude or mean people, but I’d rather you just outwardly be, like, a rude person rather than – I like to call it nice-nasty. I didn’t make up that term, but people – I don’t like people who are nice-nasty. Like, if you’ve ever seen Mean Girls – I love how I’m saying “you” as if, you know, this is just a random person who’s just talking, but like if you’ve ever seen Mean Girls, the way Regina George goes, Regina George is pretty nice-nasty a lot of the times. Like, when Regina George is like, “I like your skirt,” and then ((the girl’s)) like, “Oh my God, thanks,” and she walks away. And then she goes, “That’s the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen.” I hate that. Like, what, like? Or like in middle school, the mean girl who isn’t ever, like, outwardly mean or rude, but just like does little off-the-wall little mean stuff and like, goes, “Wow, like, I love your pants. Where’d you get those? Oh, wow, they’re sure, like, unique I guess, hahaha.” And then they go and, like, giggle with their friends and like, “Hahaha, oh my God, Gretchen, look at her pants. Those are so cute, hahaha.” And it’s, like, just hearing the words you say, “Oh, that’s not – that’s not rude.” But, like, you know, you know you’re being mean. Like, you know, you’re trying to, like, make fun of them. I hate that.

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