“Let’s just say it was ten times better.”

So, before I talk about how I celebrate these things and how it compared to last year. Let’s just say it was ten times better because everything last year was virtual and it’s just not the same, you know, no one has their camera on over zoom and if they do, you just see their fans. So, it was really nice to celebrate these things in person. So, I celebrated Diwali and it was really fun because in my high school we could dress up for it, and so me and my friends we wore traditional Indian attire. We also had a Diwali dinner at our school, with Indian food and a dance party with Indian music. For Day of the Dead in my Spanish class, we made an ofrenda and everyone brought in pictures of their dead relatives and things they liked. And it was nice to bond with our classmates over their families and their cultures and whatnot. So, celebrating these holidays were amazing this year because we could celebrate them in person and just bond with the people around us.

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