“I’ve never felt more empowered in my life.”

My brother recommended that we go to New York City and I agreed. And then before I know it, after all these years, thirteen years at that point of deciding I was never going to go to New York City and it never really came to mind, uh, we found ourselves in a car going to New York City one day later. And I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more empowered in my life. I’d been on certain trips in my life. I had flown to the Bahamas and I had been to Texas and gone on a road trip with a friend to South Carolina and, you know, these like things that just seem like there’s these reasons for going. There’s family there or there’s friends or you have a main attraction that you want to go see. I had done that type of traveling, but never in my life had I tapped into this revelation that, if there’s a place I wanted to go, technically I could go there whenever I wanted so long as I had a day off and a car that worked. And so I went from thinking I’d never had a reason to go New York City. I didn’t know anyone in particular there that would pull me into that region. I went from just being like, “Okay, yeah. I’ll never go because why would I and plus who knows what could happen?” to suddenly like “All right, well. We’re ten hours away, and let’s make it happen. Let’s drive straight to Midtown Manhattan.” And so that’s what we did.

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