“Everyone should get a gift when they go to the doctor’s office.”

I think the moment I felt like I was no longer a child was when I stopped being offered a lollipop and stickers at my doctor’s office. It was actually like a really sad day for me because I remember I had gotten — I think I’d gotten like a flu shot that day at the doctor’s office and then I’d also gotten a blood prick. And so usually if you get like a blood prick or a shot or something, you don’t just get one box from the treasure chest, you get two. You get two toys from the treasure chest and I didn’t get any. And I remember I thought everyone was, like, joking around with me and so I was waiting for them to offer me a gift and they didn’t. And then I remember being really sad on my way to the car, and my mom didn’t understand why I was sad. And then I told her and she started laughing, and she was like, “Oh, it’s because you’re older now, you’re like ten years old.” And I just remember being really sad because even now I think everyone should get a gift when they go to the doctor’s office, you know. Like the shots still hurt when you get older, so I don’t know. If I ever have a doctor’s office, I will give — I will offer and give the option of stickers and toys for every one of my patients.

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