“I had sat down, I went, “I’m not Irish.””

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But I do remember there was a time when I was in third grade where we had to make these dolls that were — The dolls were supposed to be based off of our ancestors, and it was a little tricky thing for me cuz I’m African-American and I didn’t know how — my granny didn’t how to approach this. So we did some digging. Well, I didn’t have to do any digging, this was easy for her. My granny had remembered that her — Well, she didn’t remember, but my gran had decided that I would just make this doll that was from Ireland. And when I asked her from why Ireland and it was because apparently my great-great-grandfather was from Ireland. So she always used to tell us stories about him and, like, how we got the last name that we got, and really interested as I, on the other hand, had this joy, and I felt like I had to let everyone around me know that I was Irish. And so, I used to tell people this all the time. I’d be like, “I’m Irish! You know, I’m Irish,” and I would always talk about how I was Irish and I used to keep my little Irish doll that I had made for my third grade class and I remember the look on classmates, they were like “You’re Irish?” You know, because when you think of someone being Irish, I guess I didn’t fit their idea. Which is fine, we were in third grade. We didn’t know any better, you know. I used to always keep telling people this and then I got in, just recently, I’m in ninth grade. I had sat down, I went, “I’m not Irish.” And it hit me that I’m actually not Irish.

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