“I think that’d be more viable though than relying solely on the beeper.”

Would you rather have to use dial-up internet for the rest of your life or have to use a beeper instead of a cell phone for the rest of your life? Driving a tough bargain, Michigan Diaries. The beeper is funny because in the 90s and early 2000s, it was viable because payphones were everywhere. Today, I think it would be less viable to just work with a beeper because how would you call anyone back? You would need to get to a landline or get someone to lend you their phone. So that would be a tough sell in today’s environment, twenty twenty-one or twenty twenty-two. Dial-up internet, though? But keep my cell phone? Would the cell phone also be operating at the slow internet speed? That’s the loophole, is that you have normal fast internet on your phone, but slow on the laptop. Dial-up internet… I mean, the fact of the matter is a lot of areas, rural areas of the United States still operate with dial-up, believe it or not. In the cities we’re pretty lucky. We have fiber all over the place. So, that wouldn’t be viable, I think. If you had to rock 56k, it¬†wouldn’t be a lot of fun. I think that’d be more viable though than relying solely on the beeper.

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