“It was supposed to teach us about mindfulness…”

Okay, any headlines that you heard about or saw this week that stuck out for you? 

That we were doing an escape room in our hippy dippy class. 

What did the escape room entail? What was it supposed to teach you?

It was supposed to teach us about mindfulness, but it taught us how to rebuild the lamp from scratch. Cause a boy shot a lamp with a Nerf gun, and then it fell over and we had to rebuild it. It didn’t break, but we had to figure out how to set it back up. 

So, did you enjoy rebuilding the map — lamp more than you enjoyed your escape room?



Nobody paid attention to me, but they clearly heard me. And a few seconds later, they would always say the exact same — use the exact same wording that I used.

Was this your team?


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