“There’s just a real profound sense of powerlessness.”

When I think about — I think about school shootings and I think about suicides of kids like at this age and I… I think sometimes about not just my own experience in junior high and high school, but the experience that I observed other kids having. And I’ve often reflected on how, I think if you’re on the — If you’re not on the right side of, you know, or not the right part of the social pecking order, there’s just a real profound sense of powerlessness. I mean, if you care. Some kids manage to not care, I mean, and that’s fabulous. But I think if it bothers you like, it’s really hard. It’s hard to change the situation, right? I mean, you can’t, you can’t escape it, right? You can’t not go to school. You can’t… I think it’s just really hard to change your your place. It’s hard to push back if people are, you know, making you feel crappy. And I think there’s this — you just never see justice being done.

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