“There was this headline that said, “What more can this generation take?””

I remember there was this headline that said, “What more can this generation take?” And I really — that really resonated with me, especially when the Canton schools shut down because one of their threats was valid and then they had to be online all of last week. I guess, I’m not exactly sure what the shooter was going through that that made him think that doing the school shooting and starting this violence was was something he should do, but — It was after that Thursday, we didn’t have school on Friday either and ultimately on Thursday, when we didn’t have school, I had my phone with me and so all my group chats were bursting with the same information about the shooting, the kid who did the shooting. I believe, the parents had run away as well, and so, getting a lot of information about that. And so on Friday night, my parents tried to give me a little bit of space, but then we had a conversation and we decided that it was best if I put my phone away and so they kept it for a while. I think that helped my mental health a lot, but ultimately it was and it still is hard to process. I think a week after the shooting, I believe it was last Sunday. We had a sports seminar and some students from Oxford were there and we stood up and gave them a standing ovation. And I think what made me realize that, yes, I’m having a hard time, but one of the girls on the team when we gave them a standing ovation for showing up and being so brave, she broke down and I think everyone in the room at the moment really, really felt her tears. Because I think more than the Michigan community, felt the loss of the students at Oxford and really felt the effects of the problem and my main hope is that this experience, this terrible experience is something we can learn from and we can move forward and try to prevent this from happening. You know, whether that’s having a school resource officer at every building. I guess, personally, I know that I would be scared if I walked into a school with metal detectors, just because that would mean that it would show how serious the problem is, but I just hope that this is something we can learn from, and moving forward I really hope even though I know that this might not be the case, I hope that the Oxford shooting is the last shooting, the last school shooting, in the United States of America, and hopefully the rest of the world.

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