“I stood up and started a petition against IXL in sixth grade.”

So I’m just going to give an example of — in sixth grade, I’m sorry, I said fifth grade. But IXL. A lot of people know about IXL; it’s a learning platform, supposed to be educational. But I don’t think it’s educational, exactly. You just practice your knowledge when you already know it and it kind of takes you down, you know, when you get something wrong. It’s timing you constantly and you feel the pressure, and when you get something wrong, it takes you down and it doesn’t really build you up, you know? And slowly — like, if you’re at 99 you can get to, like, 90 if you just get one wrong, and then you have to do like five more questions just to be able to finish it. So I really don’t like that about IXL. And I also feel like you can practice your knowledge in some other way. It doesn’t really help you. So anyways, I stood up and I started a petition against IXL in sixth grade and I passed it around the classroom, which is probably not a very good idea. Actually got an online signature from one of my friends, too, but.

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