“…while they’re also trying to get us out. Somebody says something like, “If we hit the wrong thing they’re gonna fall!”

Note: Some language has been edited out of the transcript that is not edited out in the audio.

I’m afraid of elevators, because when I was, a sophomore in High School, I played softball for a travel softball team. We were in a Holiday Inn elevator – and there’s one elevator in the entire hotel because it’s literally, I want to say 3 floors. Yeah, it’s literally three floors. Three or four was not very big. It’s smaller and there’s one elevator for the entire, like the entire f****** hotel. Like there’s one elevator anyway, and that, that’ll that significance will come into play later. But anyway, my entire softball team, I want to say there was eight to ten girls in this elevator. We’re like, hanging out, going up. Then somebody was – all I hear, was somebody saying, “What if we jumped?” And I was like “What?” And by the time I had paid attention. I think it was literally only one person that jumped and it, they hit it just perfectly that the elevator caught and then got stuck and it stopped. And we’re all sitting there like, “welp that’ll do it.” And I kind of started freaking out cuz like I said, we’re in an elevator with – it would have been a little bit different if there was like four of us, though. There was like, at least eight of us in this elevator. It got hot really quickly. And I just – there’s a really good well not a good video, but really good video of me, like, sitting in the corner of the elevator, kind of having a moment freaking out. Cuz not only am I already scared of elevators. I was kind of I was like, mildly afraid before this happened, but then, after this happened, obviously more afraid of elevators now, but I’m also like slightly claustrophobic. So that coupled with the fear of the latent, fear of elevators did not help. So I was kind of freaking out. But anyway, keep in mind only elevator in the hotel. So they get us out or they, we are calling forever. They somehow get the door open, they get us out. But while they’re also trying to get us out. Somebody says something like, “If we hit the wrong thing they’re gonna fall!” Which later my dad told me that was absolutely not true. He’s a fireman. He’s like they absolutely should not have said that within your guys’s, your earshot as fifteen, year-old girls, but anyway – not everybody else is good, is good at crisis management as you are dad. But anyway, we did get out. I did have a mild freak out after that, but it’s okay now. There’s really great picture of me standing next to the door. You can tell cuz I like was freaking out and like crying. They have we have a picture of me in front of the closed elevator door with a sign on it, that says: Elevator down for maintenance. And you can tell that I’ve just been crying and so that the imagery of that is great and that picture is circulated everywhere for my birthdays and everything.

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