Althea Davis

“So we were at this show and I was just — I was vibing.”

So I was thinking about a particular time that was a remarkable story or something that has made an impact, um, in my, you know, self development, um, and I thought about the time that I broke my tailbone for the first time. I actually ended up breaking it three times, unfortunately, um, but I broke it for the first time when — I think I was in fourth grade, maybe fifth grade, um, and I was in a, an honors choir, and we took a trip to Mackinac Island. I was with, um, my mom, she was like a chaperone, and a bunch of my friends. And we went to this show. I think it was, um, Three Men and a Tenor, um, at this old theater and, um, it was super beautiful. The seats were really old and each one had, like, a sort of, like, knobby handle in between them, where you can, like, r- — like an armrest, I guess, um, and, like, velvet seats. They were beautiful. Um, but because it was old, some of them had, like, missing seats and whatnot, um.

Anyways, so we were at this show and I was just — I was vibing. I really, really was enjoying myself. I was with a bunch of my friends. It was music that I enjoyed, um. It was, you know, performers that I had seen since I was a kid — like, even younger kid, um, it was music that I knew, so I could sing along to it, um. And I was really in the moment and I was jumping up and down and we were singing along to the music, um, and then, you know, we were cheering at the end of it. And then when it was all done, I was just full hyped of energy. I went and — I, I went to sit back down really hard, and I missed my seat, and I slammed into the armrest that was between two seats and my tailbone hit that little knob at the end of the armrest so perfectly that it sent a intense shock wave all the way through to the top of my head. And I felt like I couldn’t see for a second and it was awful, um.

Eventually, like once I was able to even, like, touch to see, if, if something had broken, you could feel a little bit of a shard of my tailbone, like, in there. Um, it was pretty intense, uh, but I definitely didn’t sleep that night. Um, and then we had, you know, I think it was probably, like, a four or five hour drive back home, uh, with not so many stops, so sitting was a really hard thing too. Um, so yeah, even, even now sitting for hours on end is, is really hard for me, uh, cuz, uh, tailbone injuries don’t heal super well, and there’s not, like, a cast or anything that you can put on that, um. Yeah, so, that’s my story of, of how I broke my tailbone for the first time, but still had a wonderful e- evening.